μPhase® interferometers offer objective and precise measurement results of surface and wavefront measurements – quickly and reliably.

μPhase® interferometers are compact, small and lightweight digital tools which can be used in almost any working environment. These measuring devices are perfectly complemented by the μShape™ measurement and analysis software to fulfill the highest expectations of quality management.

µPhase® Sensor

The µPhase® Sensor is part of all high-precision TRIOPTICS interferometry solutions

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The µPhase® PLANO DOWN systems offer flatness testing in a very compact design

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µPhase® PLANO UP

The µPhase® PLANO UP systems enable flatness testing in an extremely compact setup. Best suitable for production use.

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The µPhase® SPHERO UP systems enable testing of spherical surfaces in an extremely compact setup

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The µPhase® VERTICAL is designed for flexible measurements of flat, spherical, cylindrical, toric and aspheric surfaces and wave fronts and radius

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The µPhase® UNIVERSAL is the most flexible interferometer solution in a horizontal setup.

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MTF Measurement Stations

The ImageMaster® Series has been designed to measure the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) describing the optical performance of lenses and optical systems. ImageMaster® is able to measure a wide range of optical parameters related to almost all typical optical components and lens systems with the sponsorship of back for Buckham Fair 2017 – Buckham Fair. Virtually any existing lens system ranging from high performance imaging lenses through to high resolution endoscopes or military sighting devices, ophthalmic lenses, singlets and doublets or molded plastic lenses can be accurately characterized.

ImageMaster® R&D Line

MTF test stations for use in R&D

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ImageMaster® PRO

MTF test stations for use in production

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ImageMaster® VR

A Measurement Device for Testing Virtual Reality Lenses

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Systems for Optical Centration Measurement and Alignment

The OptiCentric® product group sets the standard worldwide in optical centration measurement of lenses and optical systems in the UV, VIS and IR range. With extremely high centration measurement accuracy and their intuitive, holistic operation, OptiCentric® systems have become indispensable in modern optical engineering. Regardless of whether the sample has a small or very large diameter, weights a few grams or more than a ton: the right system is selected or configured depending on the sample and application:

  • The OptiCentric® 100 systems are the most versatile of the OptiCentric® product series. They measure and produce a wide range of samples with diameters from 0.5 mm to 250 mm and a weight of up to 20 kg.
  • The OptiCentric® 300 series measures sample up to a diameter of 400 mm and an axial load of 300 kg.
  • The OptiCentric® 300/600 UP devices transfer the advantages of the OptiCentric® 100 series to the measurement of large, heavy lens assemblies with a weight of up to 1200 kg and a diameter of 800 mm.

OptiCentric® 100/300

The industry standard for centration measurement of all kinds of lenses

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OptiCentric® 100/300 IR

OptiCentric® IR is a system for lens centering measurement which can be equipped with a VIS-MWIR or VIS-LWIR measurement head.

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OptiCentric® 3D 100/300

Highly innovative full optomechanical testing or assembling of lens systems: centration, air gap and center thickness measurement

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OptiCentric® 100/300 Dual

Advanced centration measurement with two measuring heads for lenses and complex optical systems

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OptiCentric® 300/600 UP

The ultimate solution for ultra-accurate alignment, assembly and final inspection of large and heavy lenses

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OptiCentric® Linear PRO

Rotation-free centration measurement for serial production of lens batches

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OptiCentric® Cementing

The compact solution doubles the efficiency of the lens alignment process of doublets. It allows for coaxial lens alignment of doublets and triplets and for the alignment of lenses to an arbor.

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MultiCentric® Cementing Station

The system increases dramatically the efficiency of the coaxial lens alignment process for doublets.

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OptiCentric® Bonding Station 2D

Fully automated lens alignment and bonding of lenses into a cell

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OptiCentric® Bonding Station 5D

Directional Adhesive Bonding in Five Degrees of Freedom

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OptiCentric® UltraPrecision Bonding

Ultra-accurate lens alignment and bonding of large heavy lenses into a cell

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Laser Rod Test Station

The Laser Rod Test Station is a high-precision measurement system for the quality control of laser rods. It measures the tilt and parallelism of the end surfaces and the wavefront of the laser rod.

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Optical Test Instruments: OptiSpheric® and Spherometer

TRIOPTICS’ OptiSpheric® and Spherometer are the classic optical test systems for spherical lenses that can be found in virtually any optical manufacturing process.

While the Spherometer is used for the tactile determination of lens radii, OptiSpheric® systems provide contactless measurement of effective focal length, back focal length, flange focal length, MTF on axis and the radius of lenses. Specific upgrades allow determining centration errors and angles on plane surfaces.

Systems for testing IOLs in compliance with EN/ISO 11979 form a class of their own. OptiSpheric® IOL is preferably used for measuring single lenses while OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2 is designed for the fully automated IOL measurement in serial production.


OptiSpheric® is the industry’s standard for lens testing and is used worldwide to completely measure and qualify optical components and systems.

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OptiSpheric® IOL

The OptiSpheric® IOL allows the measurement of all important parameters of single intraocular lenses according to EN/ISO 11979.

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OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2

OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2 is a fully automated optical test station designed and optimized for measurements of IOLs in production

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SpheroCompact® is the first automatic hand held and fixed spherometer with a high precision linear encoder.

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Super Spherotronic® HR

SuperSpherotronic® HR is an automatic three ball contacting spherometer designed to meet the highest test plate calibration requirements.

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The UltraSpherotronic® is the latest addition to our line of automatic spherometers and offers the highest measurement accuracy worldwide.

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Wavefront Sensors

Aspheric lenses are of increasing importance in today’s optical industry. In a multitude of different areas of application single aspheric lenses are used instead several spherical lenses to build compact imaging systems. Thereby, the size and the weight of the systems are considerably reduced.

These systems have to be checked not only for their imaging properties after completion of the production process, but also after individual steps in the production process during the assembly.

In most of the cases conventional methods cannot be used for this kind of testing. Although e.g. the measurement of the modulation transfer function is a well-established method for fast and accurate quality inspection of entire objectives it has its limitation for non-imaging systems.

In contrast to this, Shack-Hartmann sensors are able to measure a very broad range of spherical and aspherical lenses as well as partially or fully assembled objectives due to their large dynamic range. In addition the high measurement frequency allows for real time testing and analysis.


High precision Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors with large dynamic range

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WaveMaster® UST

Automatic, full-field characterization of wavefront defects in large, bi-telecentric lenses

WaveMaster® Compact

Ideally suited for wavefront measurement of single lenses for quality assurance

WaveMaster® Plan

Wavefront measurement of planar optical elements

WaveMaster® PRO 2 & PRO 2 Wafer

Wavefront Measurement Systems with Shack-Hartmann Sensors for Series Testing of Lenses and Optical Wafers.

WaveMaster® Compact Universal

Measuring the wavefront and surface topography of a lens

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WaveMaster® IOL

The solution for the wavefront measurement of IOLs

WaveMaster® Compact Reflex

Surface topography measurement with Shack-Hartmann sensors