The Moore Nanotechnology ultra-precision machining systems support single point diamond turning, deterministic micro-grinding, precision micro-milling, and glass press molding for the production of advanced optics including diamond turning sphere, asphere, freeform, conformal, lens array, and plano surfaces. We offer a diverse line of options and accessories to customize our machining platforms to suit our customer’s specific applications.

The most compact ultra-precision CNC diamond turning lathe. Used for the rapid production of spherical & aspheric optical lenses, mirrors, mold inserts, freeform optics, and even mechanical components.

If your application fits within a 350mm diameter window (with optional riser package), this machine may be the ideal solution for your ultra precision needs.

Achieves both sub-nanometer level surface finishes and sub-micron form accuracies directly off the machine in a wide variety of materials.


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The mid-size capacity ultra-precision machining system.

This system is suitable for both single point diamond turning and deterministic micro-grinding of optical elements.

Applications examples include the manufacture of components used in a wide variety of markets such as electro-optics, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, bearing, and computer industries.

The standard model offers a 450mm diameter swing capacity, but increased swing configurations are available upon request.

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This flag ship machine has been proven worldwide to be the most flexible, precise, and user friendly ultra precision freeform diamond turning system available.

With a minimum of three precision linear X, Y, and Z axes, the 650FGv2 is expandable to a five-axis system via optional B & C rotary axes.

With the main work spindle centrally integrated within an oil hydrostatic Y-axis carriage, advanced machining methods such as raster flycutting of linear diffractives and freeforms, micro-prismatic optical structures, micro-milling of aspheric lens arrays as well as Slow Slide Servo (S3) machining of toric, biconic surfaces is achievable.

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The Nanotech 100UPG is an aspheric ultra-precision grinding system specifically engineered for grinding of Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide aspheric optical mold inserts used in glass press molding as well as grinding of aspheric glass lenses.

It is also suitable for single point diamond turning of symmetric optical components.

The system is available in either a XZ or XZB configuration. It provides a 100mm diameter swing capacity for grinding applications and a 250mm diameter capacity for diamond turning.

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The Nanotech 350UPM is a large capacity ultra-precision micro-milling system featuring a vertically configured 60,000 RPM liquid cooled air bearing spindle.

This machine was designed for diamond micro-milling of aspheric lens arrays and micro-channeled structures requiring optical surface finishes or mechanical tolerances beyond the realm of conventional machine tool capabilities.

The machine offers a work area volume of 350mm wide X 350mm long X 150mm high.

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The Nanotech 700UPF is a 2-axis diamond turning flycutter designed for the production of plano optics.

The optional air bearing A-axis accessory item allows simple expansion of the basic two axis flycutter with up to 3 axes of CNC controlled motion.

This machine can accept flycutter wheels up to 13.75” (350mm) in diameter.

It also features X-Axis horizontal and Z-Axis vertical travels of 28” (710mm) and 12” (300mm) respectively. With a large capacity horizontal carriage, this machine is ideal for both high production and large part fabrication.

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The Nanotech 140GPM is a glass press molding machine designed for precision glass optic applications.

It comes with a 140mm diameter chamber capacity. With optional multi cavity configurations and robotic autoloader/part sorter, it can be used for higher volume production.

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This machine is available in two versions: the Nanotech HDL2000 and HDL2000-HD.

These are extra large capacity ultra-precision machining system used for single point diamond turning advanced optical surfaces along the diameter of large generation drums.

This machine accepts drums up to 550mm diameter (600mm on HD version) and 2600mm long (between chuck faces) with a weight capacity of 1800 Kg (3000 Kg on HD version). Maximum optical cutting zone length is 2000mm.

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