The new 100 kHz ultrasonic system UTS2 from son-x GmbH enables direct ultra-precision machining of steel with no geometric restrictions. The UTS2 operates at a unique frequency of 100 kHz, so that maximum efficiency is combined with precision. With the innovative process, steel alloys and some types of glass can be manufactured with the highest quality (Ra <3nm, PV <200 µm). The classic application is the optical mold.


The UTS2 works with the principle of ultrasonic-assisted machining. In this case, the diamond tool is set into a linear oscillatory motion in the cutting direction at a frequency of 100 000 Hz.

The high-frequency vibration of the tool causes a repeated separation of the cutting tool and the material. The contact time between diamond and material is only about 2 µs per cycle and overall 20% of the total processing time. The cyclical tool contact is repeated 100 000 times per second.

A large number of positive effects are achieved using this technology, e.g. improved cooling conditions and the interception of chemical wear reactions. This significantly reduces the wear of the diamond and enables the direct cutting of stainless steel.


With the UTS2, all the benefits of ultra-precision machining are transferred to various materials which previously couldn’t be processed using diamonds. As a result, several new applications for processing arise.


Optical mold making: The main application of the UTS2is optical mold insert manufacturing. Accurate aspheres, free-form surfaces and microstructured geometries can now be generated directly in hardened steel. These inserts are used in plastic injection molding or precision molding of glass and are more durable than regular inserts.

Manufacturing of optics: Some glass materials can be processed, including N-BK7, N-FK5, e.g. for the rapid manufacturing of prototypes

Precision mechanical components: Applications involving precision mechanics such as high quality watch components, mirror elements or laboratory standards.

Embossing rollers: : For the processing of metal or plastics


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The compliant tool holder

son-x offers compliant tool holders for machine tools and industrial robots in order to automate
finishing processes like grinding, lapping and polishing which were conventionally performed
in a manual way or separately in dedicated machines. These processes can be integrated and implemented
in milling machines with the CTHone.

With the CTH|one, surfaces with a tribological, precision mechanical and optical function can be manufactured on geometrically complex molds and tools or on turbomachinery components. The process makes it possible to eliminate milling or machining marks in a reproducible way. The sensitive, flexible pressure module provides a constant, adjustable axial force on the tool. The compliant behavior of the CTH one compensates referencing errors, so that air cuts are avoided and the component is reproducibly manufactured with the desired surface quality. The abrasive tools are commercially available and are very flexible in terms of their cutting geometry.


Plug & Play solution for grinding and polishing on conventional milling machines

Machine independent

Easy and flexible contact force adjustment

Programming with milling CAM software


The tool holder permits surfaces with tribological, fine mechanical and optical functions to be produced on complex tools and molds as well as functional surfaces on e.g. turbo-machine components. Milling marks and machining grooves can be eliminated in a reproducible way.
The range of applications extends from rough grinding to high-gloss polishing. Deburring, grinding, lapping and polishing tools are used.


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